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How many books can I check out?

  • Kindergarten - First: One book
  • Second: Two books
  • Third-Fifth: Three books

Students will have daily access to the library. Students may check out new books during the week, provided they have returned other books.

How to take care of borrowed books!

  • Wash your hands before reading books. Dirty fingers can leave marks on the pages.
  • Keep your library books inside. Weather can damage them.
  • Keep food and drink away from books. Water, beverages and food will damage the book.
  • Keep library books in a safe place away from babies and pets. Babies and pets often LOVE to chew on books.
  • Handle your books with care. Carry them in your backpack and don’t toss or throw the books around.
  • Turn pages by the corner; not by the middle of the page to avoid ripping.
  • Use a bookmark. Please don’t fold over the corner of a page to mark you place.
  • Remember to return your books when they are due so others may enjoy them as well. If you aren’t finished with the book, you may check it out again as long as other students aren’t waiting for it.

If a book is lost or damaged, it will need to be paid for or replaced before checking out another book.